Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Note of Gratitude to Philippe Jullian

(Salome by Gustave Moreau)
As a young girl, the discovery of a single book was my creative epiphany. 'Dreamers of Decadence' by Philippe Jullian encapsulated all the inchoate visions and desires of my soul. His incredibly rich prose and the tapestry he wove both of literature and the visual arts made his work far more than a simple catalogue or exposition of the Symbolists and Decadents. It is a book quite unlike any other.

It was my 'Bible' as I attempted to grasp my own artistic destiny. Unfortunately, what early promise I may have demonstrated in my writing dwindled to nothing.

It is not too late. Perhaps, having found another copy of my beloved lost 'Dreamers of Decadence', I will be able to forge a new, more balanced sword from the flawed, broken blade of my past.

One of the marvelous quotations incorporated into this work which answers the atheist:

'Beauty and Good are in Heaven. Science is on earth, crawling on the ground.'
Odilon Redon 'A Soi-Meme'

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