Sunday, May 10, 2009

Interpersonal relationships in virtual realities such as 'Second Life' have received far more negative coverage in the media than positive and yet, as this video proves, there can be as much real commitment in a virtual reality as in this world and sometimes, even more.

Here is another interesting and informative video by Draxtordespres, who appears to share some of my own fundamental interests in reality on all planes.

From the video itself, a declaration from Rosedale at WSU:

'In your working career, around about 1998 or 1999, you had to get an email. You didn't want to, but at that point you felt like the world would leave you behind. You're all just eventually going to have to have an avatar, and some of you will still not really want to have one when you finally have to get one, but you will.'

Final comments by Draxtordespres (tongue firmly in cheek: 'I knew that resistance was futile. So much for free will in the technology revolution.'

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