Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Man with true Magical Power...

Throughout history, the Lion has been a symbol representing a number of human ideals, including nobility and power. Whether as 'King of the Jungle', a symbol of the Sun itself, a god or a powerful guardian, lions have a special elevated position in our collective psyche.

Here is a video about a man who has been accepted into the society of a group of Lions.

Human beings can interact with animals of all kinds. There are those who are drawn to wild predators rather than tame creatures. Those with the power to interact positively with dangerous predators and who can walk amongst their society without suffering harm are true magicians.

I never understood people who would view this sort of achievement as 'insane'. As the man himself declares, death or grievous bodily harm always is a risk but it is one that is worth the incredible rewards of socialising intimately with these magnificant creatures.

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