Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Genghis by Conn Iggulden

Reading Conn Iggulden's series of novels about Genghis Khan has been an exhilarating experience. He is a fine writer who is able to recreate the period and the culture of the Mongols while telling the story of one of the great leaders in history. It is annoying to recall that I dismissed this writers series on Julius Caesar because of a negative review by a critic. I usually am not that easily influenced by critics. I am a firm believer in direct communication between an artist and the public.

From the third book, 'Bones of the Hills': 'We are herdsmen, Kachiun. We know how the world truly works and everything else is just an illusion... Even cities prosper only when there are rough men on the walls, willing to stand and die so that others can sleep in peace. With us, we all fight, from the first yell to the last breath. It is the only way to take pride in who we are.... I came to these lands because when a man threatens me and I look away, he has taken something important from me. If I fight and die, all he can take is my life. My courage, my dignityremain. Shall I do less for the nation I have made? Shall I allow them less honour than I claim for myself?' (Genghis Khan to his brother Kachiun)

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