Monday, September 14, 2009

British Fumsup or Touchwood Dolls

Always interested in dolls whether contemporary, vintage or antique, I only now discovered a charm that could be considered a doll. This is the 'Fumsup Dolls' from the era of the First World War, worn by British soldiers as protective amulets in battle.

The little charm was a figure with solid silver body and a wooden head. The arms were moveable, in order to be able to give the 'thumbs up' signal. 'Fumsup' would be the Cockney pronunciation of this and this probably was why the dolls were given the name of Fumsup. They were called 'Touchwood' dolls as well, as the head, being made of wood, could be rubbed for luck. (To 'touch wood' quickly is an old method of averting evil.)

If you look closely, you can see the thumb cocked to give the 'thumbs up' signal when the arms are lifted.

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simalcrum said...

So *this* is what you've been up to. Too much Harvest Moon eh?