Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'The Passenger' and Hollywood Classics

Any one who loves classic Hollywood will appreciate this, I think. The fact that it is set to Iggy Pop's song, 'The Passenger' makes it unique.

There is so much rubbish on the internet and yet, sifting through it, one very often finds a gem or two... Too bad time is so limited in life.

Speaking of gems, I have been rather fascinated with ammonites for many years but had not seen many examples of 'ammolite'. 'Ammolite' is a gem created from the fossils of ammonites. Ammonites were considered magical, not surprisingly, in ancient times. The North of England, where deposits of Jet made Whitby famous, always has been rich in ammonites and other fossils. Ancient Christians called them 'snakestones' with reference to the legend of St. Hilda, who it was believed had transformed all snakes into stones. 'Snakestones' were considered to have medicinal properties.

Very fine gem-quality ammolite has been mined recently in Canada, but my favourite examples of ammolite are complete fossils of ammonites that have become opalised.
One photograph shows a group of fossils from the North of England, including some ammonites. Another shows a Moroccan ammonite that consists mainly of ammolite and a third shows the cut gem ammolite from a Canadian mine.

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