Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Plea for Help!

I don't know if any one actually reads my posts or not nowadays, but I have a problem that no one seems to be competent to solve when I seek technical help from HP. I have an HP laptop that runs on Vista and in the past month, some programme is disabling my WLAN. When I performed a Recovery, the WLAN was enabled once again until I left the computer for more than a few hours. It appears that something kicks in to disable the HP Wireless Assistant before 24 hours has elapsed after the Recovery is performed. This has occurred twice now and I am NOT going to perform a Recovery every day to re-enable my wireless connection. I am heartily tired of the whole business but I need my wireless connection badly, so if any one can help, please please post a comment here.

I even installed Service Pack 1 yesterday to see if that would solve the issue, but evidently it did not have any effect because my HP Wireless Assistant WLAN was disabled again about an hour ago. It is not the button. When I attempt to enable it, I receive a prompt to the effect that I need to enable the device in the Device Manager, but it doesn't even appear there now. I went to 'Help' and it said that sometimes when a device is disabled, it will not even appear in the Device Manager. The BIOS has to be changed by using F10. When I did that, however, I did not find the device either, but I am no expert when it comes to F10 meddling.

So, this is my desperate last-ditch attempt to fix the laptop before I relegate it to hell forever. I am using a very old computer now to post this and it is not one that I can use on a regular basis.


rorowe said...

One of your regular readers shared this post with me. I had a similar problem on my HP dv6000 laptop. After 3 trips to BestBuy (I have their service plan) and no success, I searched online, and ended up calling HP directly.
They have a "fix on failure" warranty for this problem (they'll walk you through some troubleshooting, then ultimately replace your motherboard if you qualify free of charge.)
Good luck!

Freyashawk said...

Rorowe, how very kind of you to post your comment. At least it gives me a sense of not being alone in the universe of HP problems! After spending another three hours on the telephone with HP tech support today, it is clear that it must be a motherboard flaw. Unfortunately, I am out of the embrace of the warranty now, so it will cost about $400. to replace the motherboard. My only other option is to do a complete Recovery on the laptop on a daily basis. A Recovery restores the wireless capacity for a few hours... I'm on my third Recovery now. (Sounds almost like Alcoholic Anonymous!) Well, third possible option would be to find an independent repair guy who would be able to replace the motherboard somehow for less.

In any case, your comment is most welcome, as a fellow HP sufferer-at-arms, and I am glad to hear that your laptop finally is trouble-free! God willing, I'll be able to say the same one day in the not too distant future. Thank you for writing.