Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Freyashawk's Return

Perhaps my absence during the month of April has gone virtually unnoticed in the real world, although it is evident that the gaming community missed me to the point of filling my postbox completely with 1000 emails, making it impossible for any one else to contact me by email until now.

Nonetheless, for any one visiting THIS site who noted that a veil of silence descended at the start of April, I felt I should make a small announcement of my return home. I have had many adventures, some far more pleasant than others. I would prefer to draw a permanent veil over medical pain and suffering and so on and focus on positive experiences.

As I was forced by circumstance to neglect my game guide work during the month of April, I now have some pressing deadlines to meet. Despite that, I intend to create a new ancient history website. Inter alia, the ancient Etruscan site of Tarquinia, sites in Carthage, Malta and Pompeii will be discussed. Here is the link to the page:

Freyashawk's Guide to the Ancient World

I will begin with Pompeii.

The wonders of the ancient world are undeniable and from earliest childhood always commanded my heart, mind and soul. A far more difficult lesson, however, has been the lesson of physical disability and too often, the failures of the power of my own 'mind over matter'. What I have seen during the past month has renewed my faith in the indominable power of the human spirit in a refusal to admit even the possibility of defeat or helplessness. This past month, I have seen more than one individual in his/her 80s and 90s who, forced to proceed everywhere with an oxygen tank as a permanent companion, nonetheless continued to LIVE and TRAVEL. At a far younger age, I am ashamed that I ever doubted my own willpower and determination to overcome every obstacle and handicap! Details to follow...

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