Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Magic in Egg Colouring at Easter

To me, this is a profound statement of how far our contemporary Western society has wandered from Nature. Our water is filled with pollutants. Even when it falls from the sky as rain, it is impure and cannot be trusted. I personally feel that many of the adults and children who are convinced they have 'allergies' in fact are being poisoned by toxins...

Even a simple egg is so far removed from Nature that it needs to have a 'sell by' date stamped on it! I was unaware of this new feature until I tried to colour a few eggs in the traditional fashion for Easter. I was horrified when the words 'Best by 04 24' appeared on the surface of the egg, ruining any hope of decorating it myself.

A rotten egg is a rotten egg... an ordinary rotten egg wouldn't need a message tattooed on its shell to convey its state. It is only because of all the artifical additives and whatever is being fed to the chickens in the name of profit that a 'sell by' date would be necessary, and is it necessary in any event? A fairly intelligent person knows when food has gone off. I personally do not like being treated like a child, and the government is becoming more and more officious with its 'protective' regulations. Furthermore, 'sell by' dates didn't help all the animals who were killed by toxic pet food a couple of years ago...

I suppose I am ranting a bit here, but I always felt that Easter was a celebration of Spring and Nature. Slowly, everything that is natural is being eradicated from our lives in the interest of 'safety' or social homogenisation. Everything either is 'faux' or artificially enhanced. With our artificial lights that allow us to treat night as day, we have obliterated our view of the Moon and stars. With our artificial calendars and holidays based on business convenience, we have little or no knowledge of the natural rhythms of the Earth, or the movements of the celestial bodies.

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Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

Here in Europe, it is not a 'best before' stamp that decorates all eggs, but rather a series of numbers. These numbers give you details as to whether the egg comes from Biological (organic), Free range or battery chickens. In addition the code also can trace right back down to which shed the chicken was in. I think that this is great, as I only look for eggs with a 0 or a 1 as the first figure, as I only like to get organic or free range eggs.

I do agree though that it makes decorating eggs bothersome to have printing on the side, especially something as obvious as a best before date.

Keep well