Thursday, October 25, 2007

Second Life on 'The Office'

Although television sit-coms and 'procedural dramas' have little connection with real life, it is interesting to find that 'CSI: N.Y.' debuted in Second Life last night and tonight, NBC's sit-com, 'The Office' features Second life as well. I have to admit that 'The Office' did more to capture 'Second Life' in five minutes than 'CSI: N.Y.' did in an hour.

Dwight, a character in 'The Office' has created a 'Second Second Life' for, his co-worker Jim remarks, people 'who want to be even further removed from reality'. Jim claims that HIS avatar, Philly Jim, was created solely for the purpose of tracking Dwight in SL but his colleague Pam notes that Jim's avatar is extremely detailed and must have taken a long time to create.

It is only a sideline in the main plot of the episode but obviously SL is on the Hollywood agenda this season.

Incidentally, full episodes of 'The Office' can be viewed on the official website of NBC, amazingly enough.

Full Episodes of The Office

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