Monday, July 30, 2007

Valkyrie Profile Freyashawk

To dare to dream...

It may have become an advertising cliche, but how many of us actually dare to dream to the extent of creating a reality that incorporates the dream? Whether it is lack of energy, lack of time, lack of means or the thought of the expectations or potential disapproval of others, very few human beings truly are willing to dare to dream.

These photographs capture not only my own dreams, but the dreams of many others. The chamber in which the photograph was taken is some one's dream. The outfit is another woman's dream. The sword was created as a result of yet another... The list is endless but the winged Valkyrie, heavily armed (too heavily in practical terms) definitely embodies one of my own dreams. The sword actually can be used to 'push' a brute or any opponent into another area of the world, out of sight and out of mind. The sword worn at the belt is simply decorative, but the ring worn on the left hand can cast a multitude of spells, surrounding the winged Valkyrie, like Brunnhilde, with a protective circle of fire. It can summon wind to blast an opponent from the area, similar in effect to the sword but very different in form.

This is Second Life, of course. Some people refer to fantasy as 'play' but I think it goes far deeper and can have a far-reaching effect. Empowerment, whatever form it takes, can strengthen an individual's spirit and maintain a balance in a person's life. It is only when one neglects reality in favour of fantasy that it can be a negative influence. When fantasy becomes a positive tool to express desire and ambition, it can work as an extremely potent ally on many levels. The heart, soul and body are connected. There is no reason why empowerment on a virtual level could not be reflected in physical as well as spiritual empowerment in reality.

Perhaps this is mere sophistry created to justify what essentially may be nothing more than self-indulgence, but I don't think so. I think virtual reality may offer a new venue for healing as well as learning. The potential is unlimited.

N.B. Lest any one think that the heavily-armed nature of the avatar denotes a propensity for violence, I have to confess that it is the grace and movement of the weapons that attract me most. I love swordplay and I love the way their creators manage to invest them with 'power' in their various effects. This particular Valkyrie spends more time exploring new regions, art exhibits and other 'creations' than she does in haunting battlefields for fallen heroes to carry back to Valhalla.

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